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Microsoft (MS) Azure Users Email list :

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Get MICROSOFT Azure Users List Through Title Wise Segregation:

MICROSOFT Users User CEO Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Sales Executives Email List
  MICROSOFT Users President Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Marketing Executives Email List
  MICROSOFT Users CFO Email List
  MICROSOFT Users HR Executives Email List
  MICROSOFT Users CIO Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Operations Executives Email List
  MICROSOFT Users CTO Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Finance Executives Email List
  MICROSOFT Users COO Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Business Development Exec Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Owner/Partner Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Controller Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Vice Presidents Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Corporate Secretary Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Directors Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Treasurer Email List
  MICROSOFT Users IT Executives Email List
  MICROSOFT Users Managers Email List

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