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Educational institutions are coming of age with the changes brought in by e-Learning and online channels. Today most technology savvy colleges, universities and schools are embracing digital channels to communicate, interact and connect with students, faculty and alumni.

However, many institutions are finding it hard to face the changes brought about by the digital rush.

To support educational institution and address key data challenges, MarketingVibez  deliver end-to-end solutions customized to institutional needs. We enable our clients to maximize value from existing data by providing data verification, management and data hygiene solutions.

Benefits of MarketingVibez:

  • Enable institutions to use data effectively for marketing
  • Streamline course promotion by helping educational institutions to reach more audience
  • Improve productivity by maximizing the number of interactions and improve results from database marketing campaigns
  • Creating, managing and tracking existing data

How is MarketingVibez different?

At MarketingVibez, we help educational institutions gain considerable headway in data-related solutions. By providing unique and tailor-made solutions, we reduce marketing and data maintenance costs.

Apart from data solutions, we help you to strategize the marketing of your educational approach. In short, we help you to –

  • Gain instant access to valid data for prospecting and communication
  • Build connection with thousands of students, teachers, professors, and top level managers in educational institutions
  • Reduce your dependence on in-house staff to improve response.
  • Improve productivity without sacrificing data and learning quality

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